Re-Designing a Clock

I was shopping at HomeGoods and saw the perfect re-design candidate on the clearance shelf. It was ugly and would not match anything, but I saw that it had good bones.

For re-design candidates I look for the following:

  • Easily removable pieces
  • Easily paintable material – wood, metal and paper are usually the best
  • Electronic parts work

What I started with:

Clock before I re-designed it

My plan for the clock:

ks clock model
Kate Spade watch that I used as a model

Since this clock met all of my requirements and was $4, I had to buy it. I found a photo online of what I wanted to model the clock after.

  1. Take the clock apart and rip out the face of the clock
  2. Paint all but the face of the clock your desired color. Be sure to use paint that is compatible with your paint surface. Not all paints work on metal and glass- read the label!
  3. Let dry
  4. Using a piece of paper design your clock face. I modeled it after my favorite Kate Spade watch face
  5. Glue the face onto the clock
  6. Let dry
  7. Reattach all pieces of your clock, put in batteries and enjoy!

Final Product:

ks clock
My Final Product. Table top clock that looks like my favorite watch!

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