Waterproof Patchwork Denim Outdoor Blanket

This blanket is made from old denim jeans, has a waterproof backing and straps for easy packing! It is perfect for the outdoors! 

What you need: 

  • About 5-6 pairs of denim jeans of various colors
  • A cheap waterproof mattress protector (fabric)
  • Strong dark blue thread
  • Chalk

The finished blanket pictured is about 65″ x 40″. It can be made to be any size just by varying the dimensions of the patches and the number of patches in each row. 

Completed Blanket-Patchwork Side

Completed Blanket – Waterproof Underside

How to Make the Blanket: 

  1. Determine the size of your patches. I worked with 7″ x 7″ squares. I knew that I wanted some varying sizes so I made a few patches that were half the size (3.5″ x 7″) and some that were double the size (14″ x 7″). 
  2. Make a template for your patches. I used Microsoft word and printed two squares measuring 7″ x 7″ to be used for the square patches and the double patches and one rectangle measuring 3.5″ x 7″. 
  3. Cut out your patches from the jeans. Use the chalk to trace around each of the templates. I did a few of each size from each pair of jeans. In order to make the blanket pictured, I cut out the following: 40 square patches, 9 double patches, 24 half patches
  4. Sew the half patches together to make square patches. Make sure to put different colored denim together. 
  5. Lay out your design to plan where each patch will go. 
  6. Stitch the patches together in rows. 
  7. Stitch the rows together to make one patchwork blanket
  8. Take the waterproof mattress cover and cut it so there is one giant piece of fabric large enough to cover the patchwork blanket. 
  9. Cut the mattress protector so that it is only a few inches larger than the patchwork blanket. 
  10. Fold the denim over the mattress protector and pin it. 
    Pinning the Waterproof Backing
  11. I used a zig zag stitch to stitch the edges.
  12. I chose to hand stitch the corners as pictured below. 
    Hand Stitching the Corners

How to Make the Packing Straps: 

  1. Take two pairs of jeans that are the same size and preferably the same brand. 
  2. Cut the waistband off from the rest of the jeans. 
    The Cut Waistband Straps
  3. Wrap around your blanket and enjoy!
    Wrap Your Blanket and Enjoy!

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